Mon, May

Kahnawake Will not Comply with Kentucky Domain Name Order


The Kahnawake Gaming Commission issued a statement to the Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear that it had absolutely no intention of complying with the state regarding any order to release the domain names of online gambling sites. Beshear is seeking to take over the domain names as a clampdown against online gambling in the state.

“We are compelled to draw to your attention that your actions will also adversely affect the members of our community and that is not acceptable,” said Grand Chief Michael Ahrihrhon Delisle to Beshear in a letter.

Delisle later commented that Beshear’s action were a “perfect example of someone who knows nothing about the effects of their actions”.

“It's not the first time that a government has tried to prevent us from conducting business and it won't be the last,” he said. “But, rest assured, we will always protect our jurisdiction and the integrity of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.”

The case is ongoing in the Kentucky legal system.