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Slots for the MAC user


When a person gets a MAC computer they usually find it hard to separate from it. All though PC is the standard computer of the world the MAC holds its users as by a spell. So what does a player do when he wants to enjoy good slots on his MAC? It is no secret that most online casinos offer their slots games through downloads that aren’t suitable to MAC. Here are some of the options for the MAC user.

Flash Games

Flash has taken the world by storm. This software makes it possible to do so many things within the world of computer animation and web programming. It is rare to find a web site that doesn’t include any Flash and this is why you can get flash readers for free online. There are many online casinos who offer their slots in an instant flash version. This version works well on a MAC with a flash reader installed. Flash gives the slots nice and smooth graphics and they usually weigh very little so that the speed of the game stays intact.

Casinos built with JAVA

While flash is a safe choice for the MAC player looking to play slots there is a better alternative and that is the casino built by JAVA or similar techniques. When you get to this type of online casino you will typically see that everything is run through the browser. You won’t have the choice of downloading software or playing instantly online since everything happens directly online no matter what. This kind of casino works well for MAC users and it is many times more complete than flash casinos.

Casino Downloads for MAC

Some say that slots run the best when you download them to your computer. There are a few online casinos with downloads that are suited for MAC as well. Not all of these casinos are major hits but a MAC player could benefit from finding one of the good ones. If the casino has a download for MAC it is important that this version of the software gets updated just as often as the PC download. A MAC player must check these things before actually joining the casino.

Instant Casino Bonuses

One of the charms of playing slots is that you can play for so long with so little money. Slots players are usually careful to make use of casino bonuses since they know that these will give them even more slots gaming. If you have a MAC you need to be aware of the differences between regular slots bonuses and the instant casino bonuses. In many cases the instant flash slots don’t come with as good of a welcome bonus as the regular ones and this situation you could benefit from trying a different casino.

MAC users can enjoy great slots gaming online but they need to choose a casino that offers the right kind of software and good bonuses to boost the gaming with.