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Lucky Charms and Gaming


Lucky CoverYou might not have thought about the little things you do before you enter a luck game. Some players are specific with where they play and the little movements they make right before they place their bets. Does this sound a bit like counting to three to avoid monsters before you jump into your bed? Lucky charms are really the same thing as avoiding monsters under the bed. With some humor you can use these habits and things as a way to make your gaming more fun and entertaining just don’t start actually believing in them!

Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are usually objects. The smaller they are the better. This is especially so when you go to play in a land based casino. Having a big and weird lucky charm is a recurring theme in humorous shows. The guy who feels that he must bring a freshly caught fish to the gaming table could definitely seem like a weirdo but would you say the same knowing that he has his lucky tie on? The border between lunacy and normal behavior can be thin but in the end of the day most players do have something that they would consider their lucky charm.

Bringing Grandma to the Table

It can get very funny when the lucky charm is a person and not an object. If this person is a spouse or friend that shares your gaming interest it can work out very smoothly. You’re really just sharing hobby and hopefully playing together gives you a more pleasant and winning experience. If the lucky person turns out to be someone more distant from the casino scene it could get a bit tricky. Playing online will make this easier as you can invite anyone you want to your own home. Bringing grandma to the table in the glitzy casino might actually be hit for all parts involved. Grandma gives you luck and good advice and gets a good night out all the while!

Time and Place

Another type of lucky charm is the one that is based on time and place. Some players will only play in one specific casino since they have won lots in it. Others feel that rotating casino according to a specific schedule brings on the luck. It is also quite common for people to feel that dates like birthdays are especially opportune for buying a lottery ticket or spin the roulette wheel.

Going too far with it

When the lucky charm has become more important than the game it has gone too far. Enjoy lucky charms but make sure that they stay where they belong at the right times and don’t bother other players by bringing them to the table!

Lucky charms are a natural part of gambling and they can bring both laughs and excitement to your gaming. Just make sure not to get too carried away by them!