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Playing with Foreign Currency


Euro Dollar currencyWhen you want to play in an online casino with real money you need to make a few crucial decisions regarding your deposits and withdrawals. If you live in a country with a less popular currency you need to be aware of the exchange rates and possible costs for payment services. Even if your currency is supported by the online casino you could be wiser to pick a different option also offered.

Currencies in Online Casinos

The most common currencies used in online casinos are the USD, the Euro and the British Pound. Players usually pick casinos that support their preferred currency but for many the choice might not be all that obvious. Casinos that cater to the European audience usually have all of these three choices and a player could get confused when trying to decide which one to use. This is especially so in Europe where not all countries are using the Euro. There are also many casinos who offer players from China and Japan the option of playing directly with their own currencies.

Depositing and exchanging Currency

The easiest way to make deposits to an online casino is to stick to the preferred currency all the way through. It is a fact that many players will prefer a casino which offers their national currency over one that doesn’t. Most players are aware of the current exchange rates for the USD and Euro but even with this information it could be a bit confusing when deposits are required through these currencies.

Bonuses and Prizes

When a casino has a steady welcome offer it is very common to see this bonus presented in both USD and Euro. The matching percent usually stays the same but what is a bit funny is that so does the numbers for the amount. This means that the stronger currency will be worth more as welcome offer and players can take advantage of this. The same is true for set prizes which are kept to the same digits regardless of the actual currency.

Picking the right Payment Options

Most players will have to consider the exchange rate whether they choose to play with USD, Euro or the British Pound. If you use a credit card to make your deposits you should check carefully with your credit card provider what the exchange of money costs you. You might be able to get a good deal but in many cases it is far smarted to use an online e-wallet. The e-wallet are set up so that players from all over the world can enjoy swift exchange services with minimal loss and hopefully gain.

When you play with foreign currency in an online casino you better make sure to have a payment option which will let you make a cost effective exchange.