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About Online Casino Bonuses


Casino MoneyWhen you visit a new online casino you might be very impressed by a huge free money offer blinking at their welcoming page. To know if this casino bonus is really something for you, you need to check out the details and know what other casinos are offering.

The Welcome Bonus

Every self-respecting casino online must have some kind of offer to get new players to join them. The most common welcome bonus is the match bonus. This bonus can be from 10% and up but the most common number is 100. With this welcome bonus your deposit will be worth more but be aware of the nature of online gaming bonuses. It is not in the interest of the online casino to give out free money so you can expect a heavy set of rules and regulations for cashing out your bonus money.

Play with Free Money

An innovative way of rewarding players for choosing a casino is to give them money for free. This type of offer is also called a no deposit bonus and it can be found in many online casinos. This free money is usually deposited into the players account as soon as he registers and the same rules that apply to regular bonuses are in force for this one. Sometimes you can find a free money deal which is based on time. You will then get a huge amount of money to play for free with but you will have a time-limit which makes using them very exciting!

Special Prizes and Events

It happens a lot that casinos online offer special prizes or free tickets to gaming events. This can also be viewed as a form of bonus. If you like to play poker you might have a dream of meeting the stars in the big tournaments and to many amateur players this has happened thanks to special tickets given out in online poker rooms. A casino can also set up a tournament with big cash prizes or gifts. If you play a lot in the same casino you could find yourself on a luxurious cruise with a bunch of your fellow casino friends.

Staying updated on Bonuses

Any player should understand that it is very important to stay updated on casino bonuses. If the casino that you play in doesn’t have a news letter you could be missing out on new deals that are both attractive and lucrative. Make sure to read reviews and don’t be ashamed to ask through the customer service if they have some new casino bonus to reward you with.

Bonuses in online casinos are a lot of fun and used correctly they can advance your bank roll and quality of play. Make sure that you stay updated on new offers both in the casino that you are playing in and in new upcoming online gaming portals.