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Fruit Slots - What are Fruit Slot Machines?


The fruit slot is known all over the world as the “real” slot machine. It seems that the most popular slots of today are without the fruit symbols but players still love the original theme and look for it. Slots games are about having fun and players who never tried the original format should try the fruit versions at some point. Getting back to where it started can be a special experience and there are plenty of opportunities to play for more money!

The original Slot Machine

The original slot machine was far from the mega jackpot, super spin and bonus round games of today. The first slot machines had the symbols of playing cards but very soon this was replaced by the fruit symbols. By completing a row of three fruits of a kind the player won the jackpot. The jackpot wasn’t necessarily money. Gambling restrictions in the USA influenced what was won and during some periods the slots were used as vending machines where the symbols illustrated the purchase. Today these machines stand in museums but in some countries casinos like to refer to their slots as fruit machines or fruites.

Fruits are more fun!

Some players will claim that the fruit slots are the best simply because of their theme. There is a certain taste to the cherries and other fruit and it becomes more fun to try and match the reels when the feeling is so tasty. It also makes the games much easier to maneuver. The paylines aren’t all that complicated when you play with three reels and this attracts players who like it simple. If you aren’t convinced you should try a free fruit slot and see just how cool it can be!

New versions of the Fruit Slot

Today there are plenty of slots that call themselves fruit slots but they are really much closer to other games. The only thing they have in common with the real fruit machines is that they include the fruit symbols. Apart from this they have a lot of extra features such as bonus rounds and extra spins. The newer versions of the fruit slots can be an excellent choice for the player that is stuck on the fruit theme but want to try new options for winning money. Slots reviews are the first place to start when trying to find a traditional fruit slot in a new coat.

Best Casinos for Fruit Slots

It isn’t all that easy to determine which casino will have the best fruit slots. Making a search engine search is a bad idea. A player looking specifically to get into fruit slots should make sure to read casino reviews that focus specifically on the slots. It is also smart to look closer at casino software. Once you find a slot software producer that you like you should keep an eye on their new developments so that you won’t miss out on the next big fruit machine!

Fruit slots are simple and close to the original game but there are newer versions and they are a lot of fun to play.