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Tiger Bets Dominate Masters Golf Online Gambling


Tiger Woods photoImmediately after the announcement of Tiger Wood’s return at this year’s Masters 2010 he dominated the betting side of golf by becoming the favorite at the online gambling sites.

Online sites are having a field time with a record number of wagers being poured in on standard golf bets as well as some unusual proposition plays. Woods is presently a 9-2 favorite to win at Augusta, Georgia.

A popular side bet offered was whether his wife, Elin Nordebren Woods, an ex Swedish model, would be accompanying him to the golf tournament.   Woods, however, landed in Augusta for his golf comeback at the prestigious Masters tournament without his wife or family.  Despite Woods having made a statement to the effect that his wife would not be visiting Augusta, the fact that she was spotted at the Ericson Open when she was rumored to be in Sweden, left the public wondering.

Odds are also available on the likelihood of Tiger leading off with a par on the first hole.  Due to the feeling that Tiger may be distracted there are even bets being wagered as to whether or not he makes the cut.  Gamblers can also bet 1-7 that anyone not named Tiger will be the victor.