Sat, Dec

UK Police Confirm Snooker Pro's Arrest over Match Fixing


Following a joint investigation by several entities in the United Kingdom, the police confirmed that it had arrested professional snooker player, Stephen Lee on suspicion of match fixing.

The UK Gambling Commission first brought the suspicions of cheating to the attention of the West Midlands Police, who started an investigation and concluded that there were was enough evidence to arrest the player last Friday.

Lee, who once ranked number five in the world of professional snooker, allegedly cheated at the game by participating in match fixing, a growing problem in the sports betting world.

A statement by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association was issued saying: “We are aware of the recent news articles concerning match fixing and are awaiting further reports. In instances where the Gambling Commission commences an investigation into a match, the WPBSA works together with the Commission to assist in its enquiries and the WPBSA will hold its own investigation open pending the conclusion. However, neither the Commission nor the WPBSA will release information surrounding a betting matter while an investigation is ongoing.”

A spokesperson for Stephen Lee confirmed that the snooker player had been arrested on Thursday. He said that Lee had cooperated fully with the police inquiry and was released without charge.

“He does not expect any charge to be made and denies any involvement with cheating or betting irregularities,” said the spokesperson.