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Studying Your Opponent, Basic Poker Strategy


A vital contributor to winning in any game is the pre-match planning and strategy that happens with any professional and win-focused team. If you want to win, if you have a passion for winning, knowing your opponent inside out is very important. This applies even to poker – you would do well to know how your opponents play before taking them on.

Such knowledge about your opponent helps you to prepare your own strategy. Since it is the opponent you have to beat and not the house in poker, this kind of poker strategy makes a lot of sense. In this article, we will discuss how you can employ strategy effectively to win at poker.

More about Studying Your Opponent

Ask any seasoned poker pro what he does to prepare for a game, and he will tell you one of the things he does always is study his competition. While the possibility of observing your competition may have its limitations in the traditional form of poker – you may be able to do this only during the course of a game, unless you are passionate enough about winning to sit among the audience during tournaments and observe how your rivals play, there is no such limitation when it comes to online poker.

In online poker, all you have to do is hover around a table for a while before actually getting on board for a game of poker. By doing so, you can watch the moves that the different players make, something that will tell you a lot about how they react in different situations.

Information and Practice – The Twin Keys of Poker Strategy

One of the best ways of developing poker strategy, a very fundamental and effective way, in fact, is to gather information about the game and all its aspects. There is nothing like reading up on poker, its rules, different strategies, and all other things associated with it. While there are those who contend that just theoretical knowledge is not enough, you must agree that it is a start. Once you start reading up, the next thing to do is implementation, which in this case means practicing.

Apart from reading up, this is the other critical component to being able to win more or, put differently, to ensure that you lose less. There is no better teacher than practice. The best way to learn the different aspects of poker and its strategies is to practice playing the game – that itself is one of the most effective strategies.

There are countless online casinos and poker rooms on the Internet that allow you to play practice games. Playing these practice poker games does not cost you anything, and gives you the benefit of learning where you are going wrong. It allows you to understand the game better and by doing so, adjust your playing style accordingly.

You must note here that gathering information about poker and practicing the game are not two different strategies. These two elements are interwoven and complement each other. Together, they make very sound poker strategy; individually they will not be able to do much by way of increasing your knowledge of poker strategy.