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Three Important Things to Know, Basic Poker Strategy


If you are new to poker, along with the basics about the game and also the rules, it is very important that you know the basic poker strategy. There is a difference between playing poker and playing the game employing certain strategy especially if you are a beginner – you stand more chances of winning or at least not losing too much money if you play using the correct strategy.

That being said, you must understand that poker strategy is not limited to just one single strategy, and that just knowing basic strategy will not make you a seasoned pro. To reach that level, you will need to learn the game, play more, and observe others playing. However poker strategy for beginners is a good place to start. In this article we will discuss some of the poker strategies for beginners.

Three Important Things

The first poker strategy that I would suggest is to learn the basics of the game. In a game like poker, understanding is key. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, the different things you can do while playing, the terms associated with the game, and other such basic things. I call it ‘starting at the beginning’ and silly as it may seem, it actually goes a long way in making the more advanced strategies easy to understand. Once you understand the basic logic of the game, the rest is not all that difficult.

The next thing to know and understand is that poker is not about luck, it is about skill. Knowing this fact gives you an idea of the importance of strategy in poker; this is the only game where you stand a chance of winning on the basis of your skills because you do not compete against the house, you compete against other players.

Another basic poker strategy that you should be aware of as a beginner is not to try and win pots, but to go for winning money instead, and ensuring you do not at least lose too much money, even if you cannot win. It is not all that difficult to win pots when you are playing poker for money; however, it is very easy to lose money in the process.

Some More Poker Strategy

Here are some other things you can do. Another basic poker strategy is to look for poker tables that do not have too many professionals. While going up against a bunch of professionals is a good way of getting exposure to the different styles of play and nuances of the game – effectively the best learning experience you may possibly have – it is also the surest way of ensuring you and your money part company.

Know when to walk. This is true especially when you are losing. There are many of us who think the next hand is when it is all going to change and we are going to start the winning streak. Unfortunately, the game itself does not usually think the same, and the result could be an extended losing streak and a lot of money lost. Before you play, know how much you are willing to lose and stick to that number.