Thu, Aug

Online Poker Meets Reality TV


An exciting new venture is underway to ensure that poker players enjoy the best of both worlds. Montel Williams, famous US talk show celebrity with an Emmy award under his belt, has taken his love for the game of poker and turned it into concrete plans to launch a new reality TV poker show.

Entitled the International Team Poker League, the show will allow players to try their luck at online poker sites before joining winners at a Las Vegas casino in bid to grab the title and become a winner of the TV series.

Montel Williams talked enthusiastically about his plans. “I love poker!” he said. “It's a game that has everything, played by kings and leaders, and regular joes alike. It crosses boundaries and borders, thanks to technology and the internet, a global phenomenon that brings people of different ethnicities and origin together around the world. It is truly international, and the time is right for the International Team Poker League to take poker to a new level and a wider audience.”