Sat, Jun

Tokwiro Enterprises Issues Statement on Ultimate Bet Glitch


The parent company of Ultimate Bet, the poker site under the spotlight for a software glitch that affected payouts on at least 36 games, has issued a statement on the latest incident.

The Chief Operating Officer of Tokwiro, Paul Legett, said that in an attempt to repair one malfunction, the company accidentally introduced another, causing the payouts to be affected on 36 hands.

“We have implemented a new method into the code and updated the game servers,” said Legett. “Both errors are no longer reproducible. Furthermore, we are conducting extensive tests to simulate every possible disconnection scenario to ensure this type of malfunction cannot occur in the future.”

Tokwiro also said that it was investigating historical hands to see whether this type of error had ever occurred in the past, and would not stop until it was thoroughly convinced that it had not. All players have been reimbursed for the faulty payouts on the site.