Sun, Oct

New Kahnawake Poker Site Launched


Poker fans will be pleased to note the release of a brand new poker site, PayNoRake.com, which operates under the banner of high commission and rakeback rates. The site was released by Playsafe Holding, a Norwegian company, and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

“We know that players and affiliates will be happy as no other poker site in the industry is offering the rakeback levels and the earning potential that PayNoRake.com is offering,” said Shaun O’Neill, Director of Affiliate Marketing for PayNoRake.com. “Since so many poker operators in the industry have mixed feelings about rakeback, we expect our competitors to be upset.”

PayNoRake.com boasts payment of up to 100% rakeback to players daily, which, according to the site, could save the player up to $500 per month.

“Our objective is to change the game in a manner that the PokerStars and the Full Tilts of the world won't match and reward our players for playing at PayNoRake.com,” said O’Neill.