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Automated Poker System Patented


Ameranth Inc. have received a patent for their “Casino Poker and Dealer Management System”. The patent will run till December 2025. Ameranth had begun work on this system in 2001.

The Casino Poker and Dealer Management System automates all major operations of a poker room both at room level and at table level. These include player seating, public displays, player tracking, dealer rotation, security and many other functions. This system is a part of Ameranth’s 21st Century Casino(TM) vision.

Ameranth has been a pioneer in automating the poker room. Its portfolio of products includes wireless and web data synchronization patents and other enhancements to the Poker Room Manager system. Ameranth has received twelve awards for technology and best products. Ameranth’s Chief Executive Officer Vern Yates said that this patent would enable the company to implement its vision of the 21st century poker room and thus serve their gaming customers better in the future.