Mon, Oct

The Height of Poker


Last week before the commencement of the WSOPE in London the world’s first aerial tournament was arranged. The table was hanging from a crane 45 meters above the streets of London. The table was in level with the City Hall and looking down on the famous Tower Bridge.

The players were strapped to the chairs at ground level and then the entire assembly was raised. There was no floor. The special chairs tipped and swiveled at the pull of a lever and to make things worse the crane operator managed to make the table rotate slowly. Portable loos were also arranged in mid air.

Dominic Wells who was one of the brave participants reported that the whole adventure was out of a James Bond movie. Reliving his experience after the game he said, “It felt for all the world as if we were playing at some sinister game hosted by Ernst Blofeld, and the first person to be knocked out would be tipped backwards into the Thames.”