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Michael Phelps to Join Doyles Room


Michael Phelps broke all record in the Beijing Olympics by winning the most gold medals in a single game and also the most gold medals in totality. He also informed the world that he loves to play poker.

Phelps was much in demand in poker circles after the Olympics, but apparently he has chosen Doyles Room. Doyle Brunson has that standing in the world of poker that Phelps has in swimming. Phelps and some of his friends met Doyle and Todd Brunson and other pros of Doyles Room at the Palms Hotel and Casino. Doyle presented his books Super System 1 and 2 to Phelps and answered many questions about poker. Doyle even took Phelps to a strip club along with his lady friends. It seems that a deal is in the offing if one has not already been struck.

Doyles Room accepts players from the United States and having Phelps on board will boost the poker room’s membership no end. It will be a win-win situation for both.