Tue, Nov

The Very First Poker Musical


Musicals have always been a part of American entertainment capturing the essence of the era they portrayed. Now the revolution in poker is all set to be preserved for posterity in the musical "All In: The Poker Musical".

The debut performance will take place on July 4 at the Masquerade Theatre in the Rio where WSOP 2008 will be with its last event in progress. The men behind the musical are 11-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth and world-renowned producer Tim Molyneux, with backing from WSOP.

All In: The Poker Musical is about nine fictional poker players who are finalists in the WSOP main event. Knowing Molyneux’s style the musical will surely be zippy, witty and risqué. The musical is full of poker analogies and quotes but the final message in Hellmuth’s words is “poker is for everyone and we are all in this special game and this world together.” The musical is a reminder that anyone can win on poker’s greatest stage.