Wed, Jul

Ryan Hughes Makes History


Ryan Hughes became the first player in the history of WSOP to win two golden bracelets in Seven Card Stud Hi-low-8 or Better Events. The first of these was won in WSOP 2007 and the second was won this year. This comes as a surprise because Hughes has stated that his favorite game is not Seven Card Stud but Omaha High-Low Split. With this second bracelet he may well change his mind.

In this year’s event Hughes started in second place in the final table with Jonas Klausen marginally in the lead. When the table was reduced to five, Hughes and Klausen had a run of games in which Hughes reduced Klausen’s stack to a pittance. After Klausen was knocked out it was easy sailing for Hughes. Ron Long, who took on Hughes in the head on, had also won a gold bracelet in this event earlier in 1999. So had Long managed to knock out Hughes it would have been he who would have made history.