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Microgaming Forms Network Management Board


Microgaming Network Management BoardLeading software giant, Microgaming has announced that it has established a new Network Management Board that will oversee the development and operation of the Microgaming Poker Network.

The new Network Management Board will also compromise representatives of the primary licensees on Microgaming’s online poker room platform.  One of its own representatives will also be present on the board, chaired by someone sourced from the industry.

Microgaming issued a statement which read “the operators and Microgaming will share key votes on key decisions with proportional shares determined by a formula agreed by the voting members of the Network Management Board”.

The newly created board will be advised by experts from the industry on matters that range from player perspective to long term revenue potential and ecology.

The statement also said “The Network Management Board members will additionally determine the criteria for its membership to the Network Management Board and the Chairman and industry experts will be non-voting members”.

Included in the varied responsibilities of the new board will be the creation of a roadmap to chart potential development and the establishment of policies relating to marketing and rake-back at Microgaming online poker sites.

Lydia Melton, Head of Network Games for Microgaming, said “Poker is a difficult industry to be in and that difficulty is heightened when operators are not in control of their own destinies.  We are the only network willing to make a fundamental change to how we operate”.