Sun, Apr

Harrah's Becomes Environment Friendly


WSOP runs for seven weeks and for long hours each day. That is a lot of electricity consumption. Most of the electricity is still produced from fossil fuels, which cause extensive damage to the environment. In order to compensate for that damage Harrah’s, the owners of the WSOP, have purchased carbon offsets from NativeEnergy.

NativeEnergy is associated with the production of environment friendly electricity from community owned renewable energy projects. The cost of electricity from such projects is higher than that produced from fossil fuels. Therefore the producers of this electricity are given certified carbon offsets, which they can sell to offset their higher costs. NativeEnergy buys these carbon offsets and sells them to organizations that are concerned about the environment.

Harrah’s has not only has it bought carbon offsets itself, but also it is encouraging Main Event players to buy their own carbon offsets, to compensate for the adverse environmental impact of travel to and from Las Vegas and for the extended hotel stays while playing in WSOP.