Sat, May

The Main Event Begins


The Main Event at WSOP 2008, the World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold’em with $10,000 buy in has begun and several preliminary rounds are underway. But the entries are still open and therefore neither the field is known nor is the prize money.

So far 1,928 players have registered and more are coming in. Three Day1 flights are over and the fourth and final one will commence when the entries close.

The top three so far are Henning Granstad with a stack of 242,950, Curt Kohlberg with a stack of 173,050 and David Baker with a stack 163,450. The notable men still in the fray are Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Chris Ferguson, Men Nguyen and Phil Gordon. The notable women still in the fray are Evelyn Ng, Liz Lieu, Isabelle Mercier, Shirley Williams and Lacey Jones.

Some notable pros have already made an exit. Leading them is Annie Duke.