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Players go Face-to-Face at Pokerview.com


Pokerview.com screenshotA new US-friendly online poker site has recently launched at PokerView.com where players are being offered the opportunity to go head-to-head against other competitors in real-time with the use of a web camera.

All the tables at the site are monitored in order to make sure that players can be seen throughout game-play.  Players making their first deposit at the site will be rewarded with a free web cam or branded t-shirt.

PokerView.com also offers standard avatar tables for players who are not yet comfortable with competing face-to-face.  The site’s staff members will answer players’ questions or concerns around-the-clock.

Marketing Director for PokerView.com, Michael Dunsberg, revealed that players are eager to experience the chance to play live poker online and that beating the game is much more exciting when one has faces to go with the players.

New depositing players at the site will be awarded with a full matching first deposit bonus of up to $600 if they earn at least 100 times this amount within 180 days.

A statement from PokerView.com read “When you play web camera poker at PokerView.com, you play with real poker players. No bots. No fakes. No alternates. You’re able to stare down those who put you all-in and watch the reactions of those you raise. Whatever the stakes, whatever your nationality or residence, you’ll be playing cut-throat poker in a thumbs-up social and friendly environment. Seize the opportunity to size up your game face-to-face at PokerView.com.”