Sun, Jun

New Mobile Platform for UK Lottery


The UK Lottery, which is run by Camelot, announced that it has launched a new mobile platform, which will allow players to purchase lottery tickets and other games, as well as manage their accounts from their mobile devices. The new service will be compatible for a wide range of smart phones and will bring the lottery to players’ fingertips when they’re on the go.

According to Richard Bateson, the Marketing Director for Camelot, customers will be able to purchase tickets, access and manage their accounts whenever they wish.

“There’s no need to remember a new address,” he said. “If your mobile is supported, we will recognize that you are on a smart phone and will re-direct you to the mobile version of the website.”

By typing National-lottery.co.uk into their browser, players will be redirected to the mobile version of the lottery and will have access to the new platform.

Bateson said: “As a business, we want to keep innovating, giving players new ways to play our games through emerging channels.”

He added that this latest initiative is another step in Camelot’s strategy for long term, responsible growth, which aims to enable more people to play the lottery at convenient times, “but with each of them spending relatively little.”

Camelot says that it has streamlined its full website to be quicker and easier to use on the mobile platform on a wide range of smart phones, for great lottery on the go.