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GTECH To Launch Mauritius Lottery


Mauritius PhotoA wholly-owned subsidiary of Lottomatica, GTECH, has been chosen to be the exclusive technology provider for LottoTech Limited.

After competing against many others, it was decided that LottoTech would implement and operate Mauritius’s nation online and instant-lottery.  The deal will be for a period of ten years and LottoTech would hold the license until April 2019.

GTECH is pleased to join with LottoTech as its exclusive technology provider for the implementation of the Mauritius national lottery,” said Jaymin Patel, President and Chief Executive Officer for GTECH.

“We will deliver a world-class lottery platform and solutions specifically tailored for the Mauritian market and look forward to assisting our clients with applying industry best practices to build a very successful lottery for the people of Mauritius and Rodrigues that will generate significant funds for the various good causes including education, health, sports and culture.”

GTECH has undertaken to provide LottoTech with a solution that will suit the needs of the Mauritian market and will install 600 Altura lottery terminals which should increase to approximately 1,000 points-of-sale.  A lotto game will be launched shortly after the system goes lives in October and instant games will follow soon thereafter.

“LottoTech selected GTECH as its technology provider because we appreciate the value of GTECH’s leadership and success in the international lottery sector,” said Carl Ah-Teck, Chairman for LottoTech.

“We are happy to have access to and be able to provide Mauritians with a first-class lottery operation that will meet the expectations of all stakeholders in the Mauritius national lottery project.”