Mon, May

Cantor Gaming Teams up with Adults Comic Publication


The creator of the cult adults comic publication, Heavy Metal has signed an agreement with Cantor Gaming that will see popular characters from the magazine come to life through games developed for the group’s online arm, Cantor Casino. If all goes according to plan, the games will be available this summer already.

Heavy Metal was created by Kevin Eastman of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fame, who expressed his delight for having entered into a contract with Cantor Gaming and bringing his characters to a new marketplace that would “appreciate the vibrancy and originality of the brand.”

The Managing Director of Casino Gaming, Manu Gambhir said “Heavy Metal has long been a cult classic and our design teams immediately saw the ability to build innovative, cutting-edge casino games based on the brand. The games will be edgy, highly animated and deliver a completely new experience to our players.”