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GTech Enters New Partnership with Czech Lottery


Jaymin Patel photo

GTech Corporation, the leading US based lottery group has announced an extension of its partnership with the Czech lottery operators, Sazka SA. The deal will see GTech continue to provide the Czech company with online lottery services and brands. The new partnership will also see the installation and maintenance of an IP tele-comm network by GTech.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of GTech, Jaymin Patel, said that his company looks forward to continuing its strong relationship with Sazka, which it has enjoyed since 1993.

“As this partnership with Sazka continues, we will work closely to build optimal growth plans and supporting initiatives, ensuring their continued and long-term success. We are very pleased to be a part of building Sazka’s future strategy and are grateful for this expression of confidence on the part of our customer,” said Patel.

Patel outlined GTech’s current position in the market and showed how the group continues to expand.

“With Sazka, GTECH has now extended 14 contracts over the past 15 months, a noteworthy achievement as the majority of these extensions were granted beyond the initial terms of the original contract,” he said.

“This is a testament to the company’s skills and competencies but also to the value of the partnerships we have cultivated with our customers, such as Sazka, over the years,” added Patel.