Sat, May

New GAMSTOP Program Rolled out by UK Remote Gambling Association


The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is endeavoring to help protect vulnerable gamblers by rolling out a new scheme that will be known as GAMSTOP.
The new program has been formulated to meet the conditions for responsible gambling as directed in the UK’S 2014 Gambling Act.

The GAMSTOP program’s self-exclusion scheme will give gamblers the option to bar themselves from any UK Gambling Commission licensed remote casino by simply visiting the GAMSTOP website.  This program will streamline and assist problem gamblers to make wise decisions regarding their gambling habits and also find assistance through support services that will be promoted by GAMSTOP.

The Director of Social Responsibility for RGA, Fiona Palmer, commented on the rollout of GAMSTOP by saying that the association had reached an exciting stage in the development of GAMSTOP.  She also said that new branding has now been established and the process design is very well advanced with the focus in the coming months being on technology integration and industry communication.

Palmer went on to say that the RGA is confident that it will be able to deliver a self-exclusion scheme on a national scale that is needed to help consumers who need this type of assistance in order to manage their gambling.

The UK Gambling Commission’s Program Director, Paul Hope, said that the ability for consumers to exclude themselves from all online gambling with a single request is bound to be a powerful tool for those who need it.