Sun, Jun

International Game Technology to Release Innovative “TMZ” Slot Game


Harvey Levin, a diminutive gay attorney who is the host of two of television’s most popular entertainment news programs – “TMZ” and “TMZ Live” unveiled a new, TMZ-themed video slot machine in Las Vegas last week at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), the annual trade show that showcases new technologies in gambling, thus giving the game a bit of a popularity boost prior to its release.

The new video slot machine brings with it an innovative feature with the player’s image captured by the machine and transposed onto the reels in a number of game features.

A press release has revealed that International Game Technology (IGT) has partnered with Warner Brothers and the No. 1 brand in entertainment news which will see it bring TMZ Video Slots to life.  The theme is housed on the Crystal Core cabinet and offers never before seen camera-based, photo booth technology in order to integrate a player’s image on the game screen as well as in several engaging bonus rounds.

According to an Official at International Game Technology, Levin played a major role in the creation of the game by contributing original voiceover work, photography as well as his creative input.

Players will find images of Levin and other cast members of the TMZ shows on the front of the slot machine.

Levin has also been promoting the new video slot game on his television shows.