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UK Reacts Negatively to Facebook Online Gambling


Facebook Online GamblingRecent reports that Facebook, the largest and most popular social networking site, is contemplating entering real money online gambling has been met by a negative reaction from the United Kingdom.

The Daily Mail published an article revealing that the United Kingdom has more than 3 million Facebook users aged between 13 and 17 as well as a further million users under the age of 13 pretending to be older than that. It is felt that underage persons will get involved if real money online gambling comes to Facebook.

Founding Director of the Promis Recovery Centre for online gambling addicts, Dr Robert Lefever, feels that most young people will have no hesitation in trying to gamble online for real money as they are under the impression that anything on Facebook is acceptable.

Professor Mark Griffiths, of Nottingham Trent University, said that even when children play games of chance without any money changing hands it was harmful for them as this could be a gateway to more serious gambling and Labour MP, Louise Ellman, feels that real money online gambling on Facebook would have a negative impact on the under aged.

The Daily Mail approached Facebook for comment but was referred to its media release that stated "We are always in discussions with companies about lots of different ideas, but we don't comment on future plans or speculation.


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