Sun, Jun

Cowboys & Aliens to Launch at Playtech Online Casinos


Cowboys & Aliens Playtech, one of the leading online gaming software distributors, and Platinum Studios, the entertainment company, have signed an agreement in terms of which the gaming software distributor will convert the favorite comic Cowboys & Aliens into a casino game.

It is hoped that Cowboys & Aliens will follow on the success of Playtech’s Marvel Comics games after its launch in the summer of 2012. Playtech is planning to launch the Cowboys & Aliens slot game at a number of sites all over the world.

Cowboys & Aliens revolves around a mysterious female traveler, an outlaw suffering from amnesia and a rich cattleman who team up in order to save townspeople from being abducted by aliens.

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, CEO and creator of Platinum Studios, said "Gaming is a whole new playing field for us, and perfectly follows Cowboys & Aliens' success at the box office. I'm looking forward to people playing Cowboys & Aliens slots from their living room!"

Sagi Harari, Playtech’s Head of Content said "Playtech is excited to introduce Cowboys & Aliens to the online gaming scene. This comic book fits in well with our existing branded games portfolio, since it is instantly recognizable due to the great success of the movie, and it also lends itself to visually impressive games. Powerful branded games are in high demand, and fans as well as casino-game players will be thrilled to experience our new offering."