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New Multi-Window Lobby at 32Red Casino


32Red Casino logo32Red, the esteemed industry leader in the online gaming industry, has announced that it has increased its players’ gameplay by introducing a new multi-window casino lobby that gives players an opportunity to run games in their own separate windows.

The online casino’s fantastic new upgrade that is available as a download will ensure that programs run more efficiently with limited interruption.

A statement from 32Red online casino read “Each online game will run on its own system process, drastically improving casino performance and the overall gaming experience.  It, therefore, means an unlimited number of games can be played at once via multiple windows.”

32Red online casino is offering those players who wish to gain further information an interactive tutorial video to enable them to learn more about the upgrade.

The new multi-window upgrade will enable players to drag tabs within the casino window, between casino windows and outside the casino window as well as to organize the casino windows by using stack, tile or dock.  Players are also able to resize the casino windows to any size they desire and also to compete on an unlimited number of games simultaneously.

32Red Casino stated that they value player feedback which has been vital to their decade of success in the industry.