Mon, May

Ivanka Trump on Board


Ivanka TrumpIvanka Trump, the gorgeous heiress to the Trump fortune, and of course of magnate Donald Trump, will now join the Trump Board of Directors of Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. Ivanka is currently serving as vice president of the Trump Organization, controlling hotels, Real Estate and of course, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

The new young blood that has been injected into the board should cause a small murmur within the online casino industry as land based casinos have always competed for share of pocket with online casinos.

The young Ivanka is not just a pretty face.  As a graduate of Wharton Business School, she is sure to shake things up with what many say is an ageing Trump Organization. However, before joining the board, she must first apply for her license from the Casino Control Commission of New Jersey.

There are those who say that Ivanka would be better suited to the pace of the online casino industry, due to her high energy levels and drive. The online casino industry is fast paced – unlike its land based counterpart that has changed little over the decades. Only time will tell if Ivanka can bring land based gaming into the 21st century.