Sun, Jun

Tikal Treasure debuts at Slotland


Tikal Treasure SlotOnline slot players have an opportunity to receive a free $15 chip on a new game between now and June 12 courtesy of innovative online slots site Slotland.com.

Established in 1998, Slotland.com has launched a new Tikal Treasure 5 reel, 15 pay line slot machine that takes players to the mystical temples of the ancient Mayans where they will find the treasures of the ancients.

The online slots site is giving away a free $15 chip to enable players at the site to take a free spin on this latest unique instant-play casino game, which is the site’s 21st one-of-a-kind online slot and video poker game, from now until Sunday, June 12.

Tikal Treasure features ornate symbols from Mayan astrology together with sun gods, mystical cats and stone masks spinning on its reels and comes complete with full-screen graphics and distinctive sound effects.

A statement from slotland.com read   “The new Tikal Treasure slot machine mimics the distinctive carvings of the ancient Mayan temples. Slotland.com’s new Tikal Treasure online slot machine takes players to the mystical temples of the ancient Mayans where the treasures of the ancients lay waiting. With a $15 free chip to try the new game and a six-figure jackpot that many players feel is overdue for a win we expect to be extra busy this week.”

Five Quetzalcoatl symbols in a row on a minimum bet of $20 will win the jackpot in the new Tikal Treasure slot machine.  This jackpot is considered long overdue and currently stands at over $125,000.