Tue, May

Tube AB Premieres Casino Tube.com


Online casino enthusiasts are now able to enjoy posting videos of their play and also watch the progress of other players by joining the new community at CasinoTube.com, the latest site from the Swedish firm Tube AB.

Tube AB is the same company that was behind the ground breaking PokerTube.com online poker video sharing website and has revealed that CasinoTube.com will also have a huge selection of tournaments as well as exclusive promotions on offer to players.

Regular poker players, Ronnie Gustafsson and Stefan Wittmoss, founded Tube AB in 2006 and the site has revealed that CasinoTube.com is a fun and informative casino community containing lots of user-generated video content.

Both CasinoTube.com and its sister site, PokerTube.com gives users the opportunity to upload and view an abundance of casino-related video content and offer players special tournaments and promotions that can be recorded and uploaded.

Witmoss said “Lots of people love casino games and we’re sure they would like to share this passion with others. We see this community as a natural step from poker. We have taken the user-generated video content within poker to another level and hope we can do the same with casino games.”

CasinoTube.com will also record and comment on various online casino games and it is hoped that operators will realize the value in this kind of content.