Fri, May

Lucky Draw Promotions from Neteller and Ukash


Neteller Promo ImagePayment solution providers to the online casino industry, Neteller, who provides an electronic wallet account and Ukash who provides prepaid vouchers, have combined their services to facilitate payments to the online casinos.

Both Neteller and Ukash often host promotions jointly and one such promotion will be taking place during the entire month of May.

Neteller users have been given details of this promotion via an email which reads "We realize you love winning cash and we love giving it away, so here's another chance to win €1,000."   The email advises players that it is a very simple promotion with no registration required.

Players are not required to do anything other that what they always do and that is deposit funds in their Neteller electronic wallet account.  Online players will be awarded one entry to the lucky draw for the €1,000 prize for each €100 they deposit during this month using Ukash.  There is no cost involved with deposits made with Ukash to Neteller accounts and all the Ukash deposits made by players between now and May 31 will count towards their chances to win.

Online Casino players have been advised that in order to make deposits to Neteller electronic wallet accounts using Ukash prepaid vouchers they must first sign in to their Neteller accounts.  Players should access the “Deposit” tab and select “Make a deposit”.  Ukash will be seen as one of the options.  Players should then enter the amount that they wish to deposit, confirm the deposit amount and thereafter input their Ukash voucher numbers and value in order to complete the deposit.