Sun, Jun

Mastercard Flexing Muscles in Online Gambling Industry


In another blow to US online gamblers, another processor is cracking down on payments made through its system. Mastercard, which has until now shown no signs of letting US gamblers down, toughened its stance on the industry by coding transactions that originate from the internet betting world. This is an attempt to block US players from using their Mastercard credit cards to make deposits at online casinos and poker sites.

This is not the first time that Mastercard has attempted to crack down on internet betting payments through its system, however offshore gambling sites have managed to bypass these attempts and have offered this payment as a banking method. Unfortunately, in recent days, some of the top sites in the industry such as Bodog and Full Tilt have removed the Mastercard logo from their cashier sections as a means to pay for online casino entertainment.

There have been rumors circulating that Visa will be the next payment processor to leave the market, but these remain unconfirmed.

Thankfully, there are still plenty of payment methods available to US players, ranging from electronic methods, bank wire and others.