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Marvel Signs Extended Licensing Agreement with CryptoLogic


In terms of an extension of a licensing agreement signed with Marvel Entertainment Incorporated, CryptoLogic will continue with its production of slot games featuring classic superhero characters.

CryptoLogic, a leading online casino software developer, will have the right to continue producing some of the most profitable and sought after games and develop Internet casino titles based on Marvel’s characters appearing in comic books till the end of 2013.

“CryptoLogic’s exclusive partnership with Marvel has been daringly different for our industry as, together, we have brought some of the world’s favorite characters to the world’s top Internet casinos” said Brian Hadfield, President and Chief Executive Officer for CryptoLogic.  He also stated that the deal has been mutually successful and profitable and they are looking forward to working with Marvel to deliver an even more enthralling experience for all players.

Since the original deal in 2005, CryptoLogic has produced more than 17 slot games featuring classic Marvel superheroes such as The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Blade, Spider-Man, The Punisher and Sub-Mariner for the world’s top online casinos.

CryptoLogic has one of the most comprehensive casino suites with more than 280 games and is committed to delivering more blockbuster entertainment with Marvel in the future.