Wed, Jul

4.5 Million USD Progressive Jackpot Payout at Party Casino


Huge Jackpot Party CasinoParty Gaming has announced that its biggest progressive jackpot was won by one very lucky player on the Melon Madness slot game this week.

The anonymous player took home an amount of $4,445,947.50 making this one of the biggest online wins in a very long time after using a previous $6,000.00 windfall won at the site on the same day in order to try her luck at Melon Madness.

The lucky winner said "I opened my eyes just as the wheel was about to stop and it landed on $4.4 million!  I looked at the computer screen and could not believe the winnings and put my left hand to my head and softly said ‘I won big’  I did not believe I won that amount. To this day I still don't believe it."   She added that she still does not feel like a millionaire and that it will take quite a while for her to really understand how much she has won.  Her life has, however, already changed dramatically as she does not have to worry about her mortgage or wonder how she will pay off all her big bills.

Party Casino revealed that May and June have been awesome months for female players at the Casino with women winning everything in the last month and scooping more than $8 million in big jackpots.