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Slotland Jackpot Continues to Climb


Slotland.com celebrates its’ 11th birthday this year with great birthday celebrations. Since its’ inception, an amount of $8,456,375 has already been paid out by it in progressive jackpot winnings to 87 lucky jackpot winners.  At present the progressive jackpot has surpassed the $160,000 mark and is rising steadily.

Most of the games found on Slotland’s site is linked to its’ popular jackpot which pays out frequently to many lucky players.

“Our jackpots might not reach millions of dollars before they are won, but since they are won so regularly and so frequently for six-figure amounts, players feel more like they actually have a chance to win, I think” said Ondrej Tuma of Slotland.com.

The progressive jackpot is very popular with Slotland’s players with many of them betting max in order to get a chance to win. The jackpot pool, therefore, grows very quickly.  Another reason for the quick climb is that the site resets them to $50,000 every time they are won.

Reel Riot is the 14th original online slot machine that was recently launched by Slotland.  This single payline slot machine features a “Double Wild” bonus symbol and is capable of holding any reel for the following spin.

Slotland.com has fifteen unique slot machines and video poker rooms to offer players, six of which are available on PDAs and mobile phones.