Sun, Jun

60,000 USD Online Slot Win for Lucky Player


Online player “Ruth K” is one very excited player after winning the vast sum of $60,000 playing Rome Casino three-reel slot game, Crazy Pizza

“Ruth K” is extremely grateful for her win as it has resulted in her being able to pay off a loan for the same amount that she was forced to take out at a bank when it was necessary for her to pay huge medical bills after her daughter was involved in a traffic accident and also to pay for house renovations.

“I thought I’d be paying off interest on this loan for the rest of my life and that I may never get around to paying it off completely,” said the grateful winner.

“I never though I would have enough money to pay it all off in less than a year.”

“Ruth K” had ordered pizza to be delivered to her and decided to play Crazy Pizza while waiting for the delivery.  She will, of course, never regret her decision to do so.

RomeCasino.com is powered by software from Top Game and offers many exciting online video slot and classic slot titles which feature regular as well as progressive jackpots.

“Ruth K” thoroughly enjoys playing the slots and even though she may not hit another jackpot she intends continuing to play for many years to come.