Sun, Jun

Lucky Winner Awarded 25,000 Pounds by Online Bingo Site


WinkBingo.com, the fastest growing online bingo site in the United Kingdom, has made another lucky player 25,000 pounds richer this week.

The win is the largest ever at WinkBingo.com and the lucky player, who used the pseudonym “Myracar79”, became richer after hitting the jackpot at WinkBingo.com’s Big O guaranteed jackpot game.

“Myracar79” first thought that she had won 25,000 player points as she did not even remember having bought a ticket.  She was in complete disbelief and it was not until she contacted the security department to confirm her win that she realized that she had, in fact, won 25,000 pounds.

WinkBingo.com’s Big O game was very popular amongst players who were offered tickets for a small sum of one pound or in exchange for 500 player points.  Free tickets on the go were also offered.

“Myracar79”, who is the mother of four children, has revealed that she will be using her winnings to take them as well as her sister’s children to Disneyland in Paris.  They are sure to have a holiday of a lifetime at this dream destination which opened in 1992 and now offers fifteen square miles of fun and excitement.