Wed, Oct

Online Bingo Industry Continues to Shine


The economic recession has eaten away at many industries and the online casino industry is no different. Within the online casino industry, some areas have been affected quite badly and others have remained stable.

The biggest surprise, however, is in the online bingo arena. Online bingo is a relatively new game to hit the online casino market and many casino experts tended to agree that the newer games would be the ones that would be hit hardest by the economic downturn. Online bingo has not only remained stable, but has actually grown.

Three of the biggest online bingo providers are Party Gaming, 888 Holdings and William Hill. These big players in the industry have all stated on record that they expect to make massive profits out of online bingo going into 2010. The projected growth is in the region of 20 to 35% and many believe that this could even be a conservative estimate.

Online bingo is set to grow even more over the next 3 to 5 years and could even start to nip at the heels of some of the bigger games such as poker blackjack. Online gamblers could soon see a big drive towards newer bingo games entering the market.