Sat, May

New Online Sportsbook Premieres


BetBabes88.com recently launched a sports betting site that will offer live analysis, wagers and tips through JenningsBet.com.

BetBabes88.com will be supported by a live three-hour transmission each day on BabeWorldTV from nine o’clock in the morning London time with regular competitions offering cash prizes.  Skill-Ball is one of the contests on the broadcast and is a competition similar to spot the ball where players compete throughout the 2010/2011 domestic season for a chance to win a GBP 1000,000 jackpot – as well as instant cash prizes for guessing the correct time of the first goal during all of the forthcoming World Cup games.

Also featured on the site is BabeWorld together with regular BetBabes Simone Thomas and Holly McGuire offering punters advice and tips on forthcoming games which will be backed up by the insight of Mark “Couch” Winstanley, a professional pundit.

“We’re very excited about the launch of this project and we’re particularly pleased at giving ourselves the opportunity to tap into the wave of World Cup fever across the country,” said former Sky Sports and Liverpool TV presenter Alan Bentley.

“There’s a significant overlap in target audience between those who like to bet on sports and those who tune in to stations such as BabeWorld TV. If you pick up a copy of any lads magazine, you see beautiful women and sport side by side. BetBabes88.com is just taking this to the next level”.