Sat, Sep

NordicBet Irks Svenska Spel for Advertising Promotion


The host team of an ice hockey game in Sweden has come under fire from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association after NordicBet, a privately owned gambling company, was allowed to feature a promotional ad on the ice.

The Association argued that member teams were not allowed to promote companies that came in direct competition with the national gambling company, Svenska Spel - the reason being that Svenska Spel donates considerable amount to the Association and other sporting groups.

The hockey team, Bjorkloven, argued that it was unaware that it had breached any agreement and that it believed that the ban on this type of advertising only applied to league games – not the case in this instance. NordicBet has come out strongly against the news that the team may be fined and said that it would continue to support Bjorkloven under all circumstances.