Sat, Jun

Sky Bet Launches Massive New TV Campaign


SkyBet TV CampaignSky Bet launched a massive new TV advertising campaign a few days ago that is expected to cost millions of pounds.

The UK gambling group is reacting to the huge growth of online gambling in the United Kingdom and around the world by launching this campaign.  The Yorkshire based company is hoping to raise awareness of the company and stress its link to the leading brand name in the UK, namely Sky Sports.

Sky Bet is hoping that its new advertising campaign will draw a huge growth of traffic to the site and has created several new job vacancies in anticipation thereof.  The company employs 260 people at present, 40 of whom joined the company in the past year.  The expected expansion will see Sky Bet employing even more staff.

Richard Flint, Managing Director of Sky Bet, said “We have seen good growth over the last couple of years with the move to Leeds helping that.  We are growing our turnover and customer base by 30-40 per cent per year.  Although we have plans for further expansion it is unclear how many people we need to take on.”

Flint added that the advertising campaign is the biggest every done by the group and that it is a very professionally produced brand advert that reinforces the link between Sky Bet and Sky Sports.