Sat, Mar

Smartphones Lead the Way in Betting


Mobile BettingOnline gambling companies have bet heavily on the smartphone boom which has allowed millions of players’ mobile access to online gambling. Those who have invested in setting up the right infrastructure have reaped the rewards in the growth in this sector, leading to higher revenue and increased membership.

Two online companies that have gained the most are Betfair and Paddy Power. Their recent earnings show that both companies have posted high gains on the backs of their new mobile gaming offerings. The release of high level apps for top selling mobile devices, most notably the iPhone 4, has a large part to play in this growth.

In actual growth terms, Paddy Paddy Power upped its earnings by 400% since last year. This is due to the fact that 30% of their members are now placing mobile bets.  Betfair posted earnings along the same lines as Paddy Power, with mobile gaming growing a further 90% in the past financial year. This has equated to over £1 billion in mobile bets.

The heat is now on the betting companies who have not been as quick on the button, to up their game with regards to their mobile offerings, lest they get left behind even further.