Tue, Sep

Doyle Brunson Offers 50,000 USD Knockout Prize


There is no better feeling for an online poker player than to take the head of a big-named professional in an online tournament. This is why Doyle’s Bounty Tournament – offered by none other than Doyle Brunson at DoylesRoom.com – has created quite a stir.

There are other online poker rooms which offer big tournaments with big-name players, but many do not offer players the chance at knocking out Doyle Brunson himself, along with two other poker professionals.

The tournament costs just $27.50 to enter and players stand the chance of winning $5,000. Any player who knocks out any of the professionals receives $1,000. A player who is good enough to take out two of the professionals receives $10,000 and the grand master who manages to take out all three poker professionals walks away with the $50,000 prize.

The tournament also offers players another unique bonus opportunity. Any player who knocks out Doyle Brunson with a 10/2 will receive a further $5,000. The overall winner will receive $500 in chips for DoylesRoom.com.

The tournament is promising to be a regular occurrence in the future and many big names in the professional poker arena have expressed an interest in making guest appearances for DoylesRoom.com.