Sat, Sep

PartyPoker's Offer to Paris Hilton


With Paris Hilton’s life still in the news PartyPoker has learned that the former Simple Life star’s Bentley has recently been vandalized.

The multimillionaire heiress and wannabe-actress-or-pop-star lost her Bentley Continental GT in a Poker game three years ago and PartyPoker.com at the time offered her a chance to win her car back.

Party Poker is now once again giving her the chance of winning a Bentley.  The only requirement from Paris Hilton is for her to take on Mike Sexton in a head-up Poker game.

A spokesman for PartyPoker.com said “Forget one night in Paris, we’re offering her one night to win a replacement for her vandalized Bentley.  Fortune may be on her side in many ways but when it comes to Bentleys it certainly doesn’t seem to be the case so we’re confident Mike Sexton would win”.

After Party Poker offer to Paris in 2006, Clonie Gowen also made a public challenge to her but she has thus far resisted.

In January this year Paris evidently met Lady Gaga but did not show the pop sensation her poker face.  PartyPoker.com hopes that Paris Hilton will take them up on their offer this time and will take on Mike Sexton and thus have a chance of winning a Bentley.