Mon, Oct

Aussie Government Takes Steps Against Poker Sites


The online gambling industry has learned that the Australian government is taking steps to block a number of popular online poker sites, including Full Tilt and William Hill Poker. According to a report, ISPs will be obligated to block access to at least thirteen poker sites.

However, the Minister for Broadway, Communications and Digital Economy in Australia, Stephen Conroy denied that all the sites appeared on the ACMA blacklist – although he did admit that some might.

The blacklist was meant to present several hundred sites that were deemed taboo, including those featuring child pornography. The online casino industry is angered that responsible and reputable poker sites are being viewed in the same light as this type of criminal offence.

“Many of the sites clearly contain only run of the mill adult material, poker tips, or nothing controversial at all,” said Colin Jacobs, speaking for Electronic Frontiers Australia.