Fri, Apr

New Mac Version Launched by PokerStars


Over two years after its rival site, Full Tilt Poker, launched the successful Macintosh version of its poker client, another online poker site, PokerStars is pleased to announce that it, too, is finally catering to its Mac user players.

The new brand has been in the developing and testing stages for quite some time as PokerStars was determined to bring out a product that was a step above the rest in the market.

"They didn't rush into a launch, but developed the best software for the platform, in line with Mac user feedback and advice, to ensure users have a positive experience," said online poker professional, Bertrand "Elky" Grosspellier.

"PokerStars understand what gamers want," he added. "The community started asking for an acceptable online poker version for Mac and PokerStars stepped up to deliver it."